Our Story

Growing up as a young boy, I loved everything about footy. Teammates, the thrill of kicking a goal, thrill of winning close matches, practicing at home and, of course, watching it either on TV or attending live games.

Whether it was the front of my house, backyard, the park or the local supermarket carpark, as kids we always found a way to put some goal posts together and start a game.

We would use trees – I even had my Mum plant 4 trees out the front of our house – shopping trolleys, jumpers on the ground, sticks in the sand at the beach, bins – we would put together 4 of anything that would resemble goal posts.

Now that my son has started playing footy, I’m discovering he has the same passion for the sport and the same problem trying to practice his goal kicking from any location.

Well finally, the wait is over. Backyard footy, junior footy clinics and holidays will be changed forever.



Post High came to light in April 2015. I was on a family holiday, where my son was mirroring what I did when I was 8 years old; practicing his goal kicking with trees.

The weather turned and my son simply said,”Dad, it’s raining but I want to keep practicing my goal kicking with these trees, their awesome, I wish we had trees like this at home” This was a light bulb moment for me. My research soon uncovered that there wasn’t any options on the market for kids to own their very own goal posts.

I immediately started drawing sketches but couldn’t really discover that mobile friendly goal post pack.

Later that week, when we had returned home, one of my other sons wanted to have a lightsaber fight. He handed me the lightsaber which I had to flick out with my wrist to expand. Another light bulb moment happened and the design of Post High started gaining momentum.

We’ve developed a product that my son can now take with him anywhere, anytime and line up his dreams.

jeff sig
Jeff White
Post High Creator



Your Post High pack includes:

1 x  Set of Goal posts
2 x goal posts
2 x point posts
1 x  Footy
1 x  Back Pack
1 x  Footy Pumps
4 x  Posts Mats



The idea is simple: in 3 quick steps, the goal posts are erected. Each post is 35cm in length and a soft drink can width in diameter. With one flick of the wrist forward away from your body the panels retract out in length to create your goal and point posts.

The goal posts retract out to 2.07m, point posts 1.79m.

Then by spacing the mats out – we recommend 3-5 feet depending if child or adult – you clip the posts into the allocated spots in the centre of the mats. 2 x small posts on the outside, 2 x larger posts in the middle. Goals are set and you’re ready to Line Up Your Dream, From Anywhere.

Once finished, you simply retract the panels into each other, unclip from the mats and place all items into your very own Post High back pack.



Post High goal posts glow in the dark. Kids are not time conscious, they just want to kick goals from any angle and at anytime.



The Design

The most important part of Post High posts is the mats.

Throughout all our testing we identified this as being the most critical part of the setup and use of the posts.

The keys points we wanted to target included:

• Mats absorbing the force of the posts impact through ball and wind
• Weight for kids to hold in their backpack
• How it’s handled
• Safe

Finding the right material was the first step. Silicone and recyclable rubber was used during our prototyping stages. It was determined that recyclable rubber delivered firmness for the raised part of the mat, adding excellent support for the posts whilst at the same time absorbing impact.


The next part was the weight. All prototyping tests delivered results that suggested the weight of the mat should be 1.8kg. For kids however, this was going to be too heavy.

We went back to testing and finally determined that 1.2kg could 1. deliver fantastic results for supporting the posts and 2. still be light enough to carry around in the Post High backpack.

Final piece of the design was how the posts would insert into the mats.

In the first few stages of prototyping, the Post High design team used a cup like support for the posts but unfortunately this wouldn’t allow the mats to stack. The cone idea was the perfect solution.

Having the cone idea created another challenge: to stop the posts from going straight through to the ground.


By creating a ridge through the middle of the base connection of the posts [see diagram] the Post High engineering team found the perfect solution to allow the post to sit firmly in place through the top of the mat whilst preventing it from being pushed through to the ground.

This design not only marriages extremely well with allowing the mat to absorb impact, but it’s also very easy for kids to insert and remove. The simplicity and use for kids was achieved.

We at Post High feel we have produced a really ‘cool’ product designed that kids 5+ can use and setup themselves. From the retractable posts, to the handle on the mats, to the size of the ball, we know kids will love owning and using their very own set of goal posts.

We hope you enjoy Post High.